Nervous Wreck 50ml Room and Linen Spray


Feel like you’re a ‘Nervous Wreck?!’ Not only do the Organic Sweet Orange and Neroli oils make your room smell heavenly – but the blend is specifically designed with anxiety and nerves in mind.  Spritz liberally around the area/room and on your linen (check for colour fastness on an inconspicuous area first) when things feel overwhelming or you’ve got a big event like a driving test or a big meeting coming up.  You can’t help but feel delicious after a good sniff of this!  The 50ml frosted green glass bottle is like a delightful little ‘potion’ and its size is ideal for a handbag/manbag.  Makes a cute gift and is within the legal size restrictions for hand luggage on UK air travel.  Comments from regular customers at Tiverton and Exeter include:

“Reminds me of a sunny day from my childhood” , “This smells like home! (Brazil)”, “This really helped me before my long haul flight to Australia!”, “Totally gonna rock this interview now!”



aqua, citrus sinensis (Organic Sweet Orange) oil; citrus aurantium (Neroli) oil

For home fragrance / linen only. Not certified for skin use.


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