Privacy and Data


‘Betwixt will have some of your personal details, which are essential to processing your orders. Namely, your email address, name and postal address and for some of you, I might also have your phone number. Generally, this is covered under GDPR as ‘contractual’ – that is, I cannot complete your order and ensure you get the goods you have paid for without this information.

With the new GDPR legislation, you have the right ‘to be forgotten.’ If at any point, you wish to be forgotten by Betwixt, please do contact me and I will ensure all of your data is deleted from my records. The only data I cannot delete, is data required to be held by law or by HMRC, which I will need to keep safely for 7 years.

Data that I have, which is necessary to process your orders, is held in Excel on my password protected and encrypted MacBook. They are also backed up on a password protected Seadrive. I do not store business data in the iCloud.

I do not currently use MailChimp or other such marketing tools, I use only social media – which means it’s easy peezy for you to opt in and out whenever you choose.  If at any point I start to use these tools, they will automatically be GDPR compliant and you will have the option to ‘opt out.’

As always, any questions or queries – please feel free to get in touch.

Best wishes and bright blessings  💜

Zoe ‘