Customer Feedback

I have a growing army of loyal customers, who come back time after time for their favourite products.  How do you, the online website customer, know whether Betwixt products do what they say?  Well more products are being reviewed by online customers, but I have been a face to face retailer for much longer than I have online, so, here’s just a little sample of customer feedback from the Facebook Page and comments from my many and varied Tiverton and Exeter customers: (A little note – these are cut and pasted exactly as they appear on FB and in my emails/messages – so forgive any spelling or grammar errors!)

From the little shop in Tiverton:

Margaret, Tiverton: “I’ve suffered with eczema behind my ears for such a long time, I got used to never allowing my hair away from them.  Hot and Bothered has made such a difference to my eczema – I actually feel I can tuck my hair back for the first time in years!”

Lisa, Uffculme: “Dad absolutely loved his natural wood cleaner on his antiques, thanks!”

Claire, Somerset: “I love the Stresshead spray so much, it does such great things for me, I would not be without a bottle now!”

Paige, originally from Tiverton, now in New Zealand: “You had better post my Daily Deliverer out to me when I emigrate, as I am not prepared to change my skin care routine, now that I have finally found something that deals with the dark circles under my eyes and makes my skin feel incredible!”

From my Facebook Page:

FROM LAURA via Facebook private message:

“My mum bought the nappy rash cream for my daughter after we had tried many many creams including prescription ones. We were very pleased that your cream seemed to clear up her bum very quickly! Even better that the cream is such natural ingredients. Very happy…thanks!”

Mike N Sylv Hughes

22 May at 17:42

Thought I’d try some of the wood cleaner on my door hinges as they are oozing black greasy gunge,as all else has failed -including industrial cleaning wipes that remove all kinds of everything. Low and behold with a little bit of elbow grease (excuse pun) hinges are like new.

I received the most gorgeous parcel today. Everything smells and feels amazing. Thank you Zoe Collingwood, I love your creations.

I received a Hands Solo kit as a prize This product comes highly recommend It Smells incredible and my hands were literally transformed over night! I’m definitely going to be trying other products form the shop Thanks so much for running them Comp!

Sue Alcar to Betwixt Bath Creations

16 February · Parbold ·

 My order arrived today. My dogs now smell fabulous and I can’t wait to start using the laundry salts, it smells heavenly! Thank you so much

Zoey Louise Arthurs to Betwixt Bath Creations

3 February ·

 Having spent the last two weeks walking past this amazingly beautiful smelling stall at Tiverton Pannier Market, I finally gave in…never would I go back to using chemical fuelled washing powder ever again after using these fabulous salts! HIGHLY recommended!

Vikki Warner

10 December 2016 ·

 Still in utter amazement that all of these lush handmade gifts cost just over £50! So much love went into these and it shows 💕 Thank You

SJo R-son to Betwixt Bath Creations

20 September 2016 ·

 Hell of a few days. I really really needed that Nervous Wreck bath & it is quite something. I might get some benefit from sleep tonight. Last couple of nights have slept, but woken completely unrefreshed. Thanks, Zoe!

SJo R-son to Betwixt Bath Creations

14 September 2016 ·

 I was very tempted to chuck all three bath bombs from my Itty Bitty Box of Bliss in tonight – all would have been justified! – but Hormonal Harpy (plus a sleeping child) is doing the jib nicely & I have the pleasure of the other two to come!

Becky Johnson to Betwixt Bath Creations

4 September 2016 ·

 I love love love the bath soaks I wouldn’t by anything else now! xx

Diane Deeprose to Betwixt Bath Creations

30 August 2016 · Exeter ·

 Definitely recommend these products I have purchased washing soaps,softener,washing up liquid and bath salts they smell amazing and are definitely worth the money xx
Alison Fewins to Betwixt Bath Creations

19 August 2016 · Exeter ·

 Thank you So much for my washing salts and laundry softener love it💜the smell is awesome very fresh and works wanders on my sons football teams kit!

Can’t wait to try your other blend xx

Kerry Matthews to Betwixt Bath Creations

15 August 2016 · Exeter ·

 Very happy to say this spray defo helps me sleep. And smells amazing. Defo recommend it to people who have sleeping problems. And defo a bargain. Thank you x