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Betwixt Bath Creations was born out of a desperate need to provide chemical-free, organic products for my sons, who have medical needs and sensitive skin and really did not need any more chemicals piled into their little bodies.  It also happened quite by accident, that as I was trialling out various methods of natural pain relief for my own Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, I created ‘Marathon Blend’ – which ended up being my first Betwixt brand aromatherapy blend.

As a family with various health needs, we found we were struggling to find luxurious chemical-free, organic and naturally sourced products, that were within our not-so-luxurious budget.  There is an abundance of gorgeous organic skin products available these days, but most have a super-high price tag, which makes them out of reach for the every day.  Not wanting to ‘make-do’ with bog standard, chemical-filled supermarket efforts, the hand-making of my own products gained momentum.  After many years of trialling new things, and having a whole host of favourite recipes, I decided to share my favourite products with the rest of the world – after all they worked, they were gorgeous and they were kind to my family – AND the environment!

If you didn’t know – “Betwixt” is an Olde English word meaning “in-between” or “in the middle.”  Betwixt Bath Creations was designed for exactly that – the middle way.  Neither cheap inferior products at rock bottom prices, nor exorbitant price tags for the sake of the word ‘organic.’  My products focus on the therapeutic essences of aromatherapy oils and the innate power of sustainable, natural salts and homely, chemical-free cleaning ingredients – all for the middle prices of every day luxury.  For your own peace of mind, none of these products contain artificial colours and most are 100% organic, vegetarian or vegan and all are absolutely cruelty-free.

Not only can you purchase our products online here, but products can also be found at Tiverton Pannier Market, Devon on a Tuesday, Friday and Saturday on Denise’s Bliss stall, The Real Food Store in Exeter and a number of craft markets around the Devon/Somerset/New Forest area.

I really hope you enjoy these products as much as my ever-growing loyal band of customers!

2 thoughts on “About Betwixt Bath Creations

  1. Hi
    I’m opening a zero waste shop in my home town Leigh-on-Sea Essex. I’m struggling to find organic shampoo and conditioner, sold in bulk, that doesn’t leave residue build up in my hair!?! (We live in a hard water area too!) Is there any way you can help please? We are ‘The Refillery’ or Leigh Refillery on social media if you would like to check us out?!
    Look forward to hearing back from you,

    1. Hello Gemma! I can certainly help you. Give me a few days to get some bulk prices together for you (I think a courier will be required as you’re a little too far to walk!)

      I will email by end of the week 🙂

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